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Lighting Design & Technology

Our company specializes in the planning and development of lighting concepts and systems. Our goal is to assist you throughout the entire project, from the ideation phase to the final implementation.

Spectral Designs philosophy places a strong emphasis on the intersection of technology and design. We are committed to combining these two crucial elements to produce exceptional lighting solutions. Our team's extensive expertise in lighting technology is the foundation behind every design concept and lighting plan that we create. This ensures that we provide the most effective and personalized solutions for each project and situation.


Our services include:

  • design of lights and lighting

  • conception of lighting designs and plans

  • construction of custom lights and accessories

  • consulting and testing of lighting designs

  • drawing of detail and execution plans in 2D or 3D

  • support during realization in the project


Our team successfully completed a project for a well-known Swiss sports shoe manufacturer, providing high-quality lighting for their video and photo studios. Our main goal was to create a lighting scheme that met the highest standards, ensuring realistic depiction of subjects in videos and photos.

To achieve this, we used LEDs with excellent color rendering abilities and a color temperature of over 5,700 Kelvin, simulating natural daylight. These tunable white LEDs closely mimic the progression of natural daylight and can be precisely adjusted for each scene's requirements.


We designed a customized lighting solution for the Life exhibition by Olafur Eliasson at the Fondation Beyeler, specifically catering to the unique lighting requirements of plants. Unlike artworks, plants thrive when provided with ample light, especially within the appropriate spectrum.

Our adaptable modular spotlights were meticulously crafted to cater to any given situation, allowing us to tailor the lighting precisely to meet the plants' specific needs. We carefully selected a specialized LED chip capable of delivering the exact spectrum required by the aquatic plants showcased in the exhibition.


Our expertly designed indirect lighting solution has transformed the conservatory of this private residence into a warm and inviting space. By strategically implementing powerful LED strips, we have achieved optimal brightness for the overall ambient lighting. In addition, the inclusion of colored RGB strips enables the creation of the desired atmosphere for any occasion.

To ensure an enchanting display, we utilized specialized LED strips with lenses to illuminate the full height of the fireplace wall.

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