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Lighting Design

Lighting design

Light is one of the most important design tools to create an atmosphere, because it supports the architecture and creates a room identity. The art is to design rooms in a way that they have a special effect on people, which clarifies the type of use and focuses the perception within the room, therefor light and architecture act as a way of communication.

To give each room and each place its own identity and atmosphere, we also acknowledge that it is our mission to approach each design individually and depending on the situation.

Technical execution planning

Our offer includes consulting and planning in the whole area of lighting.

We pay special attention to the technical detail planning and realization. In the last years,  planning of lighting has become a complex challenge, where technical demands and question of practicability have to be taken into account  for each individual design.

We want the quality and idea from a concept to be realized exactly as it was planned.

We draw all details and plans ourselves that can guarantee the correct execution by experience,  constant exchange with other specialized planners and innovative technologies.

We use a combination of two- and three-dimensional details, so that we can include all the necessary components, from the on-site conditions to the luminaire and the additional accessories required. Innovative technologies, such as 3D printing, as well as virtual or augmented realit represent special aids for us in the execution planning. This allows us to test our details quickly and easily simulate them on site.

Technische Ausführungslanung
Individualität und Snderkonstruktionen