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Lighting design

Light is a paramount design element, complementing architecture and shaping the identity of a space. Crafting captivating rooms that evoke impact is an art, effectively guiding perception and conveying purpose. The seamless interaction between light and architecture serves as its own form of communication.

We believe in tailoring designs to suit each space's unique context, considering its characteristics, requirements, and surroundings. By recognizing the relationship between light and environment, we create designs that transcend mere illumination, aiming to shape immersive experiences that engage and inspire.

Our thoughtful approach creates lasting impressions and resonates with users on a profound level.

Technische Ausführungsplanung

Technical execution planning

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses consulting and planning in the vast realm of lighting design. We place utmost emphasis on meticulous technical detail planning and seamless execution. In recent years, lighting planning has evolved into a multifaceted challenge, demanding careful consideration of technical requirements and practical feasibility for each unique design.

Our commitment lies in ensuring that the quality and vision of a concept are translated precisely as intended during the realization phase. To achieve this, we meticulously draw and develop all necessary details and plans in-house. This approach guarantees the accurate execution of our designs, thanks to our experience, constant collaboration with specialized planners, and integration of innovative technologies.

To encompass all essential components, we employ a combination of two- and three-dimensional details. This allows us to incorporate on-site conditions, luminaires, and any additional accessories required for a comprehensive solution. Leveraging innovative technologies, such as 3D printing, virtual reality, and augmented reality, we can further enhance our execution planning. These tools enable us to rapidly test and simulate our design details, providing invaluable insights and ensuring efficient and effective implementation on-site.

Individualität und Sonderkonstruktionen

Individuality and special construction

We are dedicated to providing the optimal and tailor-made solution for every project and scenario. To achieve this, we employ a balanced approach that combines standardized offerings with custom designs. Our extensive range of standard solutions caters to a wide array of needs, while we also possess the expertise to adapt luminaires and create entirely bespoke solutions based on our customers' specific requirements.

Our capabilities extend to both technical and decorative luminaires, ensuring that we consider aesthetics, technical considerations, mechanics, thermal factors, and lighting optimization throughout the design process.

Throughout each project, our primary focus is on achieving exceptional results. We engage in thorough evaluations and collaborate closely with our customers to identify the most appropriate solution.

By considering these key elements, we ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards, deliver optimal functionality, offer competitive pricing, and are completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.


Range of services

To ensure the achievement of the best possible outcome, a transparent and comprehensible planning process is essential.

This not only provides us with planning security but also enables our clients to understand our workflow and make informed decisions.

In the initial phase, we engage in detailed discussions with you to understand the specific needs and objectives of your project. Subsequently, we conduct a thorough analysis of the existing or proposed situation to determine the feasibility of implementation. Once the analysis is complete, we proceed to design a comprehensive lighting concept. This concept is presented through various mediums, including 2D or 3D drawings, animations, sample images, and product presentations. We collaborate with you to optimize and refine the concept, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your requirements.

concept planning


During the execution phase, we focus on planning and refining the lighting concept developed by us or provided by you. We meticulously prepare a detailed schedule that outlines the current or upcoming steps. Key activities in the execution planning phase include generating lighting calculations, creating 2D and 3D lighting plans and details, compiling data sheets and installation instructions, and developing comprehensive lists of luminaires and schematics. We place significant emphasis on effective communication with other planners and workers to facilitate a seamless workflow at the construction site.

Execution planning


In the realization phase, the project comes to life on the construction site. We meticulously consolidate all required luminaires and individual components, and coordinate their procurement from respective manufacturers. Following a thorough quality check by our team, we coordinate the delivery and installation of the lighting components at the construction site. At the completion of the project, we compile a comprehensive project documentation that serves as a valuable service and revision guide for our clients.


Expertisen und Gutachten

Expert Reports and Opinions

Facing lighting issues or need a second opinion? Our team offers expert analyses considering both functional and creative factors. We provide valuable insights and recommendations to optimize your lighting concept and ensure it meets your needs. Our transparent and reliable service includes documentation summarizing our findings to help you make informed decisions.

We are happy to advise you on the current international and national standards and regulations.

Brand-independent planning and consulting in all areas.

We offer unbiased planning and consulting services in all areas. We provide quotes from multiple suppliers, comparing prices, quality, and delivery time so you can make informed decisions. We can also facilitate a transparent bidding process for fairness. Your satisfaction and project success are our top priorities.

Einfluss von Licht aud den Menschen

Planning quality

Light affects us in various ways and plays a crucial role in our well-being. It has both biological and aesthetic impacts on us. Our body follows a natural rhythm that is influenced by light.

The quality of light also affects our visual comfort and performance. Good color rendering and even distribution of brightness ensure that we feel comfortable and safe in our environment. On the other hand, glare and flickering light can cause headaches and other discomforts.

Furthermore, light has a strong influence on the atmosphere and aesthetics of a space. The direction and color of light can evoke emotions and define the character of a room.

We rely on high-quality luminaires and flicker-free control gear that are tailored to the needs and usage. Through appropriate light spectrum, high color rendering, and targeted glare avoidance, we create pleasant lighting for every space.


With over 10 years of experience, we prioritize:

  • Daylight and artificial light

  • Construction and design

  • Aesthetics and usability

  • Visual comfort and well-being

  • Durability and adaptability

  • Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness

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